Which Stairlift is for you?

There are two types of stair lifts available in the market today, straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. In choosing the best stairlift for your stairs you have to consider some factors.

It is necessary to determine the type of stairs at home. If a your stairs are in a straight line, then you will have a straight stair lift. This is the most economical choice. Stairlift prices for this type of lift start as little as £599.

If your stairs has curves, turns or landings in the middle, you will probably need a curved stair lift. Usually stairlifts with curves have to be custom made and therefore are more expensive. Curved stairlifts for sale start at around £2300.

If the ladder has two straight sections with a landing in the middle, you may opt for two straight stair lifts which may cost less than curved stair lift.

If you have a small curve at the top of your landing One Stop Mobility can usually build a custom made platform which will also be less expensive than a curved lift.

The users condition is also a factor. Is it is permanent or temporary? If the injury is temporary, which could last about a year,  it may be practical to rent a stairlift. If disability is permanent  it is probaly  practical to buy a stairlift.

For more savings you could choose a used or reconditioned stair lift. A reconditioned stairlift from One Stop Mobility comes with the same guarantees as a brand new stairlift.

Most types of stairlifts run off of a battery operated motor, or possibly two batteries, depending on the size of the stair chair. In the event of a power outage, the chair will run off of the battery that is used as a backup.

One Stop Mobility can help you choose the right stairlift to for you, your family and your budget. Please give us a call for some free friendly advice and stairlift price.