Our Top Tips To Get Fit For Free

14th January 2014

Theres no reason to pay heft gym fees to get fit this new year. Here are our top  tips how you can get fit for free

  1. The government guidelines recommend that we exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. This can seem quite daunting for some so we suggest you break it down to do 3 ten minute blasts, they can be just as effective.
  2. Fidget. The Mayo Clinic suggests that we increase our fidgeting habits. So while you are sitting doing not much try tapping your feet, switching positions pace up and down.
  3. Take a dog for a walk. If you haven’t got one, borrow one. Walking is a great form of exercise and its free. A brisk walk can burn upto 400 calories in an hour.
  4. Beat your rugs clean. Putting your rugs on a washing line and giving them a good whack would most certainly qualify as moderate exercise and you benefit from having nice clean rugs in the meantime!
  5. Increase your steps. Walk to the next bus stop. Hide your remotes so you have to manually to get up to turn the TV over. Take the stairs if you can instead of the lift.
  6. Take up gardening. Not only will you benefit from the nice fresh air digging will provide cardiovascular exercise.
  7. Put the radio and have a dance. Having a boogie whist doing your housework makes the chores more fun and you can burn calories in the mean time.
  8. Do your walking as your talking. When your on the phone walk around. You will burn calories without even noticing.