Here are 5 tips for you to stay Mentally Fit at Old Age

3rd November 2011


Here are 5 tips for you to stay Mentally Fit at Old Age
 1. To get your blood circulation going start your day with a morning walk or jogging. Try yoga and meditate to stay mentally fit, you have to stay fit physically as well.
  2. Do what you want to do,  you have worked all your life and  done a lot for your family so now its time to look after yourself. Spend your free time doing things you enjoy.
 3. Mental exercise is good.  Do crosswords or play some challenging games like chess and solve puzzles when you are free. Be creative and try doing some creative works like writing some poems, songs, stories, and paintings.
 4. Try to meet new people of your age. You can  share your experiences with them and at the same time an opportunity for you to learn from them. At old age, you need people to interact with, because normally all your family  are busy with their own daily routines. So you have to make your own friends who are of your age and need company to share the joy of old age.
 5. Plan your old age while you are young. When you are young you have the ability to work hard and achieve what you think as your body and mind both can support each other. But that is not the case at old age, even though you are fit enough mentally, your body will not support (at least up to the level of your thirties or forties).So plan what and how would you like to live your old days without worries