How to find out how much State Pension you are entitled to

18th October 2011

There are several ways to find out how much State Pension you may be entitled to. If you have access to the internet you can use the online State Pension profiler to get an estimate of your basic State Pension. Or you can apply for a full State Pension forecast.

The State Pension profiler

Activate your Government Gateway account

If you have recently received a letter to activate your Government Gateway account, click the following link

The State Pension profiler is a simple tool. It does not access your National Insurance (NI) contributions record, so you do not need a Government Gateway account to use it. Instead, it uses information that you enter about what you have done during your working life to quickly give you:

  • Gives you an estimate of how many qualifying years you may have to date
  • Gives you details of how much basic State Pension those qualifying years may give you
  • Gives you the earliest date you may get your State Pension
  • Gives you information on how you may fill any gaps in your National Insurance (NI) contributions record
  • Gives you information about the State Pension, including how you may be affected by proposed change