Our Tips For A Safer Bathroom

21st July 2011

Our Tips For A Safer Bathroom

Did you know One Stop Mobility not only installs stairlifts but also adapts bathrooms. We supply and install walk in baths as well as low or level access showers. We can take away your old bath and replace it with a new easy accessible shower. The list is endless. We understand how dangerous a bathroom can be for someone who has mobility problems or just a little bit unstable on their feet. There is always a risk of falling on the wet floor or trip getting in and out of the shower or bath. Here are some tips of our tips on staying safe in the bathroom.

In The Bath
It is true that most accidents occur when a person is getting in or out of the bath. It is very common that once the user is in the bath they don’t have the upper body strength to lift themselves out. Grab rails can help here or even bath boards or bath lifts. However the safest option would be to install a walk in bath or even remove the bath all together and have a low or level access shower fitted in its place.  One Stop Mobility can provide any of these options.

In The Shower

Sometimes getting in and out the shower can be difficult. A very low or level threshold may help with this problem. Grab rails and shower seats will also help the user to stay steady in the shower. Half height shower doors can help if the user needs assistance from a carer whilst showering. It was also be easier for the carer to pick up the user should they do fall if the shower has half height doors.

Bathroom Safety Rails

Grab rails or safety rails fitted around the bathroom are a great idea. You can have them around the bath area, shower area and/ or toilet area. However when installing these rails make sure they are fitted securely.

Bathroom Mat

Bathroom mats in the bathroom can be dangerous as they can move as a person step on them. Rubber bath mats are a good idea in the bath itself but they should be of good quality with good suction cups to prevent the mat from moving.


People with knee or leg problems often face difficulties raising from the toilet. Raised toilet seats can be a solution or a plinth can be fitted to the toilet which actually raises the height of the whole toilet making getting on and off much less of a problem.


Good lighting maybe obvious but it is very important in a safe bathroom.