Can a stairlift improve your life?

23rd June 2011


Below is only one of hundreds of examples where a stairlift can be beneficial.

My father recently celebrated his 79th birthday. My father lives alone, doesn’t really depend on anyone to do household tasks or other things for him. He makes his own mind up about how to spend his days and he has made it to this age without suffering from any major disabilities. Although I want him to carry on with all the activities of life, I can’t help but be concerned. A few of his friends and neighbours are about the same age tell horror stories about falling and suffering injuries like broken bones after falling up or down the stairs.

After considerable thought we brought him a stair lift we thought it could be helpful. We hoped it would keep him from getting tired out and could help with her joint pain, since he wouldn’t be climbing stairs. We really wanted to reduce the risk of him having a serious fall.

I think we got as much benefit from the stair lift as my father did, since we worry less about him this has enabled my Father to continue to live in his own home and be self-reliant for as long as possible. The Stair lift helped to facilitate these goals.