Access to everyday services and good for disabled people

26th April 2011

Access to goods, services, facilities and premises

The Equality Act 2010 provides important rights not to be discriminated against or harassed:

  • in accessing everyday goods and services like shops, cafes, banks, cinemas and places of worship
  • in buying or renting land or property
  • in accessing or becoming a member of a larger private club (25 or more members)
  • in accessing the functions of public bodies

Everyday services

Everyday services include services provided by local councils, doctors’ surgeries, shops, hotels, banks, pubs, post offices, theatres, hairdressers, places of worship, courts and voluntary groups such as play groups. Non-educational services provided by schools are also included.

Access to services is not just about physical access, it is about making services easier to use for everybody.

DisabledGo and Direct Enquiries are online directories with detailed access information about venues across the UK. You can search the database, and filter results so that you can check whether a venue is suitable for your own individual needs.