Liverpool Woman Delighted with new stairlift !

6th April 2011

A woman in Liverpool who has been trapped in her bedroom for a month because of a malfunctioning stairlift has regained some freedom after a replacement model was installed.

Local publication the Press reports how Emma Richardson, who suffers from Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility, which means her joints dislocate easily, has been able to get out of the house to see her doctor for the first time in weeks.

The publication previously reported that the provider of the mobility aid had been unable to discover what was causing it to stop and start unexpectedly when in use, despite coming out to examine it several times.

Eventually, the firm, Handicare, agreed to pay for a replacement to be fitted, which has now been installed by another company.

Ms Richardson’s mother Margaret Yaxley told the newspaper that her daughter was “ecstatic” at being able to leave her bedroom again.

“Now finally things can get back to normal and Emma can get on with her life,” she added.